24 May 2008

The Saturday Sunday Freebie List

I'm a little picky when it comes to the freebies that i'll chose to share with people. I want them to be the kinds of things that I like for myself. I don't download everything I see. I did that when I started and realized that there's just too much to chose from out there, and I don't have a hard drive big enough for everything. As you may have noticed, I try to offer a link to something free every day whether it be a template that i've used recently or just something that i've come across in search for that perfect element. You won't see 'crap', You won't see 'boring', and hopefully you won't see 'ugly'. However, everyone's taste is different. My trash may be someone elses treasure - as they say. I also try to stay away from the un-realistic type kits, however I do make an exception when it comes to doodles and drawings. I can't get enough of that stuff!

Well everyone, I hope you enjoy this weekends freebie list. Have a great Holiday!

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