25 May 2008

Relaxation Sunday

Sassy Pixie posted up a template today on Cafe Mom, and since this is Sunday and I don't want to do any housework. I decided I would make it a scrapping day. So, I downloaded the great template (shown to the left there) and worked a little magic.

I came up with a little somethin' somethin', that i thought turned out okay. The papers aren't really matching up for me and something seems to be a little off. Just proves once again that even though i'm a fish (pisces, get it?) i'm not very creative AT ALL. With no further ado, I give you my take on the challenge.

This was also posted at Scrap Matters for the Queen of scrap. I'm only up to 26 LO's and there are many ladies who have reached 50, 60, even 70+ pages. There's absolutely no way that I'm gonna get that many. First of all, i'm out of cute pictures. I've pretty much scrapped everything. You can go check out my mom2maddie gallery at SM if you like. It'll prove that pretty much every page I have up there are using the same pictures.

I think i've done a few more pages in the last couple of days. Most of them have been templates because for some reason I can seem to come up with my own ideas lately. Creative block I guess. Oh well, what can ya do? Have a look at:

The cute little one with the tree was a cookie cutter layout for a challenge with The Sweet Shoppe. The top one was from Nice Crane.

These two turned out pretty good. That cat is just adorable (thank you alexeeva!). Well, i'm off to grab some more pretty freebies. For some reason, no matter how much harddrive i take up, i just can't get enough!


SassyPixie said...

Thanks for the mention of my template! Way cute pages!!!

Jillian Rose said...

No Problem!! I give you 'luvs', you give me 'luvs', it all works out in the end. :)