19 May 2008

Newbie Monday

You know what's great? When other people spend there time collecting all the new freebies and posting them on their blogs. Man does it save me a lot of time. I admit, i'll probably be doing the same thing with mine but for right now i'm going to feature a new blogger doing just that.

Alright then, lets get started.

Everyone, i'd like you to meet Ginger at Ginger Scraps.. (totally reminds me of snaps.. love those things). You can check out her Blog HERE.

You are all probably wondering why I chose this specific blogger to feature on this day. Well, first i heard about her new blog at Cafe Mom by her sister a couple days ago. Second, it's the only new blog i've seen since i decided to feature a Newbie. And lastly, just because! (don't you just love that answer, i can't wait till my daughter asks me why so I can finally tell her because I said so, my mom did it to me all the time. haha)

Not only is this girl a great Freebie Hunter but I love her scrapper style too. Here's one of her LO's that tells you a little about her.

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Hope you enjoy checking out her blog, don't forget to leave her loves when you visit!


Ginger said...

oh my goodness, you have no idea how happy this makes me!! Thanks so much!! I think I will have a big silly grin on my face all day long!!

Julie said...

Awww, how nice of you to feature my sister! It is nice of her to do the freebie hunting for us huh!