18 May 2008

What is a QP?

In this day and age everyone has learned to take shortcuts in every way possible. When it comes to scrapbooking, one way is called Quick Pages or QP's as they are so often refered to. Basically, a designer will use one of there new kits to make a page that all you have to do is plop in some pictures, add some text and the page is done. A lot of the time they do this to promote new kits they've made, sometimes they'll freebie out an add-on or mini kit that way they can tempt you to buy the whole thing.

On today's "Idea Day" i'll be featuring 2 QP's that I really liked, i'll attemt at telling you why I liked them, and show you how easy it is to get to the finished product.

To start with, here's the link to Ellie Lash Designs for the first QP HERE

I just loved how simple this LO was (LO meaning Layout). Reminded me of a Hawiian vacation or something. But, since i've never been there, i couldn't use this LO for that. However, this now outfit of Baby Madison seemed right for the space.

To get to this finished product with your own photos:

1. Open Photoshop
2. Open QP
3 Open Photo
4 Drag photo to QP
5. In the layers Pallet, make sure your photo is below the QP.
6. Arrange photo in the correct place to show through the frame
7. type some text
8. save and you're done.

Okay, okay, so i'm not very good at giving directions. But, i think you get the point on how easy this is to do, and how much it really shortcuts making an LO. I usually spend at least an hour on each page that I make from scratch. This QP took me about 10 minutes with most of that time being spent on finding the right picture to use.

The second QP for today was made by Ameliescrap, her delightful kit and other QP's were found at Digitalscrapdepot.com, however it seems she's moved her blog and the QP link I had is no longer available.

Well, everyone, i hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about Quickpages. Here is a QP from Amelie since the other one wasn't available. Click Here to check it out.

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Kristin said...

Hi Jillian, your blog is super cute. I love all of your layouts! If you would still like a copy of the Bubble Bath kit email me at kristin.aagard@gmail.com and I will send you the link. :0)