13 June 2008

Don't Shoot me...

It's just a thought.

But, what about a 4-in-1 LO. Not sure what brought this idea on, but I thought it would look neat to have 4 mini LO's in one page. Here's a sketch:

Hmm.. Just a thought.

Well, you probably won't see much of me this weekend because this will be DH's first father's day and i'm sure he'll want to celebrate big. So, I hope everyone has a good time and I'll see you all on Monday.

Happy Scrappy!


Ginger said...

Hi Jillian, Stephanie from Obsidawn Brushes came by my blog to look at the tribute and she left this message for you.... thought I would pass it along. Have a good weekend:)

Stephanie said...

Thank you so much for the feature! I appreciate it, you've done such a wonderful job. :)

And Jillian Rose, on the odd chance you come back and read this, check out my image packs that I make available for each download - you can use those to make PS 6.0 brushes!

Thanks again for the feature, sweetie!


jenjenjasp said...

Jillian, this is just DARLING! I love it. what a fun idea, my dear.

What a wonderful wonderful job you did. YEA!

Jenjenjasp from SOTB! HAving fun with the blog train!