12 July 2008

It's Time for Some Awards!

It's a wonderful thing when you are given an award by your peers! I would like to thank Ginger Scraps and Heartfelt Perfections for thinking of me.

I am definitely very excited about it and can't wait to share it with more great bloggers. So, here goes. I would like to give this Brillante Weblog award to:

Kristin at Digi Delights - Kristin here, entered one of the design contests over at Scrap Orchard, and I fell in "love at first site". I just absolutely love her great wonderful stuff, and I am glad she's finally got her beautiful work on the market now. Check out her stuff over at Plain Digital Wrapper Way to go girl! Keep up that hard work! Plus, I just like to pop in and see what she has to say. She's probably getting tired of me buggin her because I just tagged her not so long ago.

Vicki - A Work in Progress - This is another great blogger that I like to have a look at and see what new things she's come up with. I love her great new kits and all the hard work that she puts into making them. On top of that, she just gives them away for free! How spectacular! She's always got something to say and I'm glad she shares with us. I was just over at her blog today, and read about how someone has re-posted some of her work on RapidShare. That is so NOT cool! If anyone has information be sure to let her know!

Ginger Scraps - I know that this girl gave me the award in the first place, and I know that she's been given the award already (duh, that's how I got it from her, haha) But I really think that her blog is fabulous. She puts in so much work for us every day, I just want to send as many people over to her blog as I can (she's got a great little tracker on her blog, I think my blog is only responsible for about 10 clicks so far) Check out her wonderful freebie blog, and definitely visit on Monday's and have a look at her scrap talent. She's great!

Melanie's Pixie Haven - Okay, ya got me, the biggest reason that I visit Melanie's blog is to listen to her great Playlist. I LOVE the music she's got playing at her site and I usually have it going everyday while I'm working on my scrappy stuff. But, that's not the only reason. She's usually got some great story of the day, some news on something spectacular, and sometimes a little freebie to get you going. Don't forget to head over to the Speed Scrap next week. She'll be hosting it down at Scrap Matters. I haven't made it to one yet, but hopefully I'll make this one!

Simply Yin - When I need some inspiration, I head on over to Simply Yin and take a gander at her great layouts. She offers a lot of templates which use bundles and bundles of photo's. Great for people who always take too many pictures then have no where to put them. The simplicity of her blog is the perfect touch!

Alright, I think that's all the praise I'll be giving for today. Thanks Ladies for all your time and effort in sharing with us your daily lives!

1 comment:

Kristin said...

I so totally don't deserve a brilliant weblog award. But I'll take one just the same! lol
You are so dang sweet! I'm so glad we keep bumping in to each other! :0)