02 July 2008

Had to Snatch the Name Before Someone Else Did

Hi all! If you haven't noticed already, I've added a little blog feed there on top for Priddy Sweet Scraps. I've decided to move my blog. But, don't worry, Jillian Rose Designs will still be home to my digital work. I just fell for "Priddy Sweet" and wanted to snatch it before someone else did!

There you will find updates on Baby Madison, New Layouts, Contests I've entered (unless it's a design contest, that'll be here) and all the fun and interesting stuff going on in the wonderful life of Jillian Rose.

Don't worry about changing your link lists and such, there'll be plenty of links between the two blogs to freely maneuver between them.

Oh, and it doesn't matter if you leave me a message on the CBox here or there, it's the same one in both places. (lets see how long it takes for someone to get confused with that, haha!)

Questions? Leave me a comment or feel free to email me at JillianRoze AT gmail DOT com.

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